Room Hire Charges

Both the Basic and the Deluxe package include 12 hours access to the venue, as a general rule this would include 4 hours set up time, 6 hours event time and 2 hours breakdown time.

This gives your chosen contractors time to set up and remove any décor you have ordered, and the catering company time to prepare your meal.

Should you require additional time for your contractors then an additional room hire charge will apply.

Your wedding coordinator will be able to give you a full quote, however, as a guideline the charge will be approximately £300 per hour for every hour or part of that you need outside of the 12 hour package allowance.

Chair Covers and Sashes

To add white chair covers and a coloured sash to a basic package would incur a £2.50 per person charge. The Deluxe wedding package includes white chair covers and a sash from the below list.

Chair bands and colours not listed below can be provided at an additional charge.

Organza Sashes
Maroon x 1000
Light Ice Blue x 600
Teal x 500

Taffeta Sashes
Antique Gold x 675
Ivory x 600
Blood Red x 900
Baby Pink x 975
Blue x 900
Orange x 450
Maroon x 800

Pyrotechnics, Haze, Dry Ice, Smoke Machines, Glitter Cannons

The use of pyrotechnics is permitted in NEW DOCK Hall providing we are made aware in advance and all health and safety documents have been received and approved.

To enable this to happen we require you to hire 4 fire wardens from us.

Their sole job is to ensure the safety of your guests for the duration of the time the effects are being used and for the time it takes for smoke/haze to clear from the room.

This will be charged at £405.00

The use of pyrotechnics is NOT allowed in the Royal Armouries Museum.

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